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Vive was formulated to help prevent and  overcome non-communicable diseases and prolong your life through its antioxidant activity and nitric oxide release. Non communicable diseases description

Vive drinks are for every class of people. As health does not consider class, Vive herbal does not consider class.

It is difficult to compare vive with existing herbal solutions. This is because beyond the ethnobotanical use of the herbal plant, vive has a strong scientific validation. Vive is not a single solve-all-condition product. However vive contains over 500mg of flavonoids . Flavonoids have been scientifically proven at the cellular level to prolong life and enhance health through its unparalleled antioxidant and anti aging activities. Because every organ in the human body is made of cells, the impact of vive can possibly be felt on every organ in the body.

Yes. Extensive research is available on every health benefit associated with Vive.

Specific questions about the product will be answered with specific documentation. To ask those questions, you can send an email to and

No. While this drink supports health and aids healing processes, medications still maintain its place in the treatment of diseases.

Vive is made of time tested and trusted herbs originating from West Africa.

As a lifestyle drink that can be taken freely at any time  either as part of a diet or on it’s own. It is recommended that everyone takes a bottle of vive antioxidant herbal drink daily. However in situations of high oxidative stress like illnesses for people who smoke or drink alcohol  start with 2 bottles a day. Vive is simply a drink that can be drunk with or without food at any time of the day. It can be added to food and other drinks too.

Drinking a bottle of Vive with added water to dilute it is the same as drinking a bottle of Vive without adding water. So, yes it will still be effective.

Vive helps boost our immune system and provides antioxidants known to prevent diseases. It also particularly contains several phytomedicinals (quercetin and luteolin) that have been shown to inhibit SARS-CoV virus action in invitro and in silico studies.

Vive is made of vive plants most of which are consumed as food on a daily basis. Flavonoids have not been known to have significant negative interactions with medication. Please speak to your doctor for information about this. The mechanism of action and compounds for each drug or medication are unique.

Yes, it can. But right now, Vive drinks come in beautiful bottles.

There are no price wavers available now.  Not to be included.

Our drinks can be stored and transported without any adverse effects on the quality of the content. It can also be sent to all countries within and outside Africa. 

The effects of Vive start from your first taste and every bottle counts towards the health benefits. However, daily intake increases the effectiveness in the body.

A bottle of Vive drink does not make an individual fat. Vive is dedicated to fighting non-communicable diseases including obesity and diabetes. 

Vive is approved by NAFDAC. It is not only on sale in Nigeria but in the USA.

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