Flavonoids and Allergies

Flavonoids, natural compounds commonly found in fruits and vegetables, have caught the attention of researchers for their possible role in managing allergies like hay fever or allergic rhinitis. This article explores the findings from scientific studies, shedding light on how flavonoids may help alleviate allergic symptoms by targeting specific mechanisms in the body.

Flavonoids have impressive anti-inflammatory properties, meaning they can help reduce inflammation in the body. By doing so, they might ease the intensity and frequency of allergic reactions, providing relief from allergy-related discomfort (Watson & Preedy, 2019).

Researchers have found that flavonoids can influence our immune system. This can lead to a more balanced immune response, potentially reducing the severity of allergic reactions (Duarte et al., 2014).

Flavonoids act as antioxidants, protecting our cells from harmful substances called free radicals. This antioxidant effect might help shield us from allergy symptoms and support our overall health (Panche et al., 2016).

Flavonoids have shown promise in stabilizing mast cells. These cells are involved in allergic reactions and release substances like histamine, which can trigger allergy symptoms. By keeping mast cells in check, flavonoids may help manage allergic reactions more effectively (Rakha et al., 20).

Flavonoids can be found in various foods, and incorporating them into a balanced diet has the ability to offer potential benefits for managing allergies. 



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